As winter approaches so do the hazardous roadway conditions. The Public Works Department’s Snow and Ice Removal Plan places equipment on designated principal routes throughout the City. These routes are designated to enable the accessibility of emergency vehicles, school buses, and residents to all major areas of the City. These routes also maximize the use of equipment and Public Works personnel.

The Public Works Department, in conjunction with the Police Department, will determine the condition of roadways and their ultimate closures. In a severe storm, only primary routes will be maintained. When the storm subsides and sanding crews become available, the routes will be expanded.

Our goal is to maintain streets for your safe commute during hazardous weather conditions, but snow tires and/or chains will still be needed to safely navigate City streets.

See the City's Snow Routes Map

Several of the City’s streets with steep grades are especially hazardous, and will likely be closed when snow and ice accumulate. They are: 

  • Marylhurst Drive from Hillcrest to Lower Midhill
  • Hidden Springs Road from Bluegrass Way to Cottonwood Court
  • Pimlico Drive from Palomino Way to Willamette Drive
  • Summit Street from Rosemont Road to Skyline
  • 12th Street from Tualatin Avenue to Volpp Street
  • Skye Parkway from Troon Drive to Hillside Drive

When these roads are closed, you are advised to use Rosemont Road (within City limits), to Summit Street, to Cornwall to Sunset Avenue. Another route is Rosemont Road to (within City limits), Salamo Road to 10th Street. Pimlico Drive will be included as an access route unless conditions become too hazardous for travel. These streets will have a priority for sanding and plowing to assure routes from the upper areas to the lower areas of the City and freeway.

Salamo Road and Sunset Avenue may have short-term closures due to spun-out vehicles.

Public Works will be using de-icer on primary and secondary hills to aid in snow and ice removal. The de-icer is Magnesium Chloride, it is an environmentally friendly liquid produced from natural minerals and it is the same product used on the freeways. It can be applied before or during a storm to prevent snow and ice from freezing to the pavement, an indicator of application is parallel lines on the pavement.

Due to the City’s elevations, terrain, and location it makes for some unique travel in inclement weather. It is suggested to plan alternate routes to travel through out the City in anticipation of such conditions. Updated road information, including a snow route map can be obtained on the City’s website , as well as during business hours from the Public Works Operations Department at 503-656-6081 or the West Linn Police Department at 503-655-6214.