City Technology Privacy Statement

The City of West Linn participates in various social media platforms (i.e. City website, emails, listservs, Twitter, Facebook, and others). We would like you to know three things about the City’s participation.

First, the City does not sell, share, or otherwise disclose any information that is provided to us by social media, unless Oregon’s public records law requires us to disclose this information.

Second, you may share information with us via social media, such as your name, address, email or mailing address, or phone number. We do not require anyone to participate via social media, and again, we will not disclose your information unless the Oregon Public Records law requires disclosure.

Finally, sometimes City regulations require the use of US mail or other methods of delivery to deliver legally-important documents or statements from the City of West Linn. An example would be citizen notice regarding land use decisions. The City does not monitor its social media traffic for legal filings. The City does not acknowledge social media to be anything more than a vehicle for communication, discussion, commentary, and social exchange of views.

Accordingly, the City cannot recognize social media as a vehicle for filing documents or statements that are legally-important. If you have any questions regarding the use of social media and City of West Linn, please consult your own attorney for analysis.

This site is managed by the City of West Linn, with the intent to engage the West Linn community and encourage conversation and involvement.  The City reserves the right to enforce the prohibition against the use of hate speech, derogatory, offensive, or racist language.

The City of West Linn does not endorse or sponsor any advertising posted by the social media site host on the City of West Linn site.  This page is a private site and the private terms of the site apply.  The City of West Linn cannot guarantee reliability and accuracy of third-party links.  The City of West Linn reserves the right to remove any conversation prohibited by the site's or the City's Terms of Use.