As always, if there is an emergency, call 911.

YourGOV is an application that allows you to quickly and easily report non-emergency issues, such as potholes, graffiti, litter and service requests in West Linn.

When you use YourGOV, you can submit an issue and track its progress from submittal to completion via the Web. Issues are brought directly into the city’s system, where they are forwarded to the responsible department. If you know the staff member you wish to contact, please use the city directory.

By entering in an address or selecting a location on the map, you can view where your issue is located. In addition, you can view and track issues that have been submitted by other citizens. Some of the services to report or request using YourGOV are: building permits and codes questions, business license questions, tree complaints/trimming, code enforcement, parks maintenance, street debris or hazards, utility billing and zoning requirements. See the app in action in our video. You should sign up the first time using a valid email address and password. By signing in each time you use YourGOV, it ensures correct mapping and timely responses from the city of West Linn.

You can also get the free app at the App Store or in the Google Market. Click here, to learn more about the app.

For best app performance, make sure your smartphone or tablet is updated with the latest IOS software.


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