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Business Licensing

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How do I know if my business is required to have a West Linn - City business license? This FAQ page will help you understand the City of West Linn's requirements.

Q: How do I know if my business is required to have a West Linn - City business license?

A: A West Linn business license is required for any trade, profession, occupation or pursuit of every kind conducted in West Linn for gain, with a few minor exemptions. No person shall carry on any business within the City without first obtaining a license and complying with the provisions of the West Linn Municipal Code. The City of West Linn's Municipal Code, Chapter 7, outlines in detail, the requirements and exemptions of a City business license.

Q: What if I live in West Linn, and have a home-based business?

A: Home-based businesses are required to have a home occupation permit, in addition to the West Linn – City business license. The portion of the business license application associated with the home occupation permit will be reviewed by the Planning Department, and must be approved prior to the issuance of the business license.

Q: My business is not located in the City of West Linn. Am I still required to obtain a West Linn business license?

A: Yes. No person shall carry on any business within West Linn without first obtaining a license and complying with the provisions of the West Linn Municipal Code. There is the Metro License exception (discussed next) that may apply for contractors that do not have a location within West Linn.

Q: Does my Metro License cover my business, or do I need both?

A: Instead of getting separate business licenses within each Portland-area city that you conduct business in, you can get a single license from Metro to construct, alter and repair structures in 20 cities that have licensing requirements in the metropolitan area. The license covers all construction trades, both commercial and residential, as well as all landscape contractors. The Metro license allows contractors or landscapers to operate in 20 cities surrounding Portland having licensing requirements in the metropolitan area, excluding Portland. Exception: if your principal place of business is inside the City of West Linn, the business is required to apply for a City of West Linn Business License in addition to the Metro License. For Metro applications, contact Metro at 503-797-1710 or visit their website at

Q: What if I am only going door-to-door, to offer my services?

A: Solicitors are required to obtain a business license, if the intention is to make a business related connection within the City of West Linn. Solicitors are also required to follow the solicitation regulations in the Municipal Code, as outlined under section 7.300.

Q: What happens if I do not get a business license?

A: A violation of the City’s Municipal Code may result in a $500 fine.

Q: What are the current West Linn – City business license fees?

1 to 2 employees $36 (Inside City); $54 (Outside City) 3 to 5 employees
$54 (Inside City); $81 (Outside City)
6 to 10 employees $72 (Inside City); $115(Outside City)
10+ employees $86 (Inside City); $138 (Outside City)

And if applicable, Home Occupation Permit Fee:
First application $100 Renewal
$10 For more information on fees, click here.

Q: When is my business required to obtain/renew a license?

A: A license is required at the time a new business is established. Renewal of the license is required prior to July 1 of each year.

Q: How do I apply for a business license?

A: The application process is all online. Click HERE to register your business and/or renew your existing license.

Q: How long does it take to receive my license, after I apply?

A: Your license is available for you to download and print immediately upon payment. City Hall does not mail you your license. You can pay for your license with Visa or Mastercard at the end of your online application. We also accept checks or cash, but your license will not be available until payment is received. Exception: If you have a home-based business, please allow up to two weeks for the Planning Department to review the home occupation portion of the application. Once approved, your license will be available to download.

To download the pdf version of your business license, you may find the link by following these steps.

1. Log in to your "My West Linn" account. Your West Linn homepage will then be displayed.

2. Under the My Business header, select "View your business license". Your license order will then be displayed.

3. Under the Download PDF header click on "Click here to download your business license as a PDF document".

Q: Who do I call, if I have further questions?

A: Please call the Finance Department at 503-656-4261