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Paying Your City Services Bill

Utility Bill

Finance offers several ways to efficiently make payments toward your Utility Bill account.

Automatic - direct from your Bank Account

No worries, no hassles - This method automatically processes your monthly payment for your utility bill (water, sewer, surface water, parks, and street fees) paying it directly from your checking or savings account of your choice. By completing this authorization form, you authorize regularly scheduled payments to be made from your account. These scheduled payments will be made on the payment due date specified on your utility bill (which you will continue to receive in the mail reflecting these automatic payments and providing proof that these payments are in fact being properly recorded).

It is easy to sign up for and easy to cancel - review the authorization form at and/or contact us in the Finance Department at 503-656-4261.

Online - using your Credit Card

You may make your monthly Utility Bill payment online with your MasterCard or Visa credit card using UtilityPaymentOnline. This is an online program where you can make credit card payments online from the convenience and security of your home computer.

800 Number - offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

You may make a payment by calling 1-800-701-8560 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (a "live" person is available if you call Monday - Friday between 5am to 6pm PST).

Mail - via mailing in a Check

City of West Linn
PO Box 2330
Portland, Oregon 97208

This is the mailing address to the City's secure banking lockbox service which the City's utilizes for processing utility bill payments. The lockbox service, offered through the Bank of Cascades, processes the utility payment checks and deposits the payments directly into West Linn’s bank. This has increased efficiencies and the security of West Linn’s check processing system.