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Moving? Starting Service?

First of all welcome to the beautiful City of West Linn.  One of the first basic areas that you are probably interest in, is how to set your new home up with the various type of utility services.  The City provides water, sanitary sewer, and surface water management services with a separate entities that provide for garbage, electric and natural gas.

Below is a handy contact listing of the various entities, who to call, and their web site home page.  The larger utility companies such as PGE and NW Natural have an online web page where you can sign up to start a new service.  For the City and West Linn Refuse (i.e., garbage services) you will have to call their particular number provided.

To initiate or terminate City utility services (i.e., water, sewer, and surface water management services), you may now fill out an authorization form online here.

For your payments on your City utility services, here is the link to the various methods that you can use to make payments on your monthly utility bill including our automatic direct payment program where it is automatically paid directly from your checking account:

Welcome again and hope you find this reference page helpful.

Type of service          Company Name       Phone Number     Website                          
• Utility services         City of West Linn     503-656-4262
• Garbage service      West Linn Refuse     503-557-3900
• Electric service         Portland General     1-800-542-8818
• Natural gas service  NW Natural              1-800-422-4012