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Liquor License Application with OLCC

The City of West Linn recognizes Code Section 7.700 on Liquor License Review (as amended by Ordinance Number 1570) and the OLCC requirements for approval of liquor applications within the jurisdiction of the City of West Linn. Anyone who manufactures, distributes or sells alcoholic beverages in Oregon must be licensed by the OLCC.

The following Oregon Revised Statutes further explain liquor laws for the State of Oregon:

ORS 471.405 – Liquor license requirements to sell alcohol 
ORS 471.406 – Liquor license requirements identifying activities where “selling” alcohol is permitted.

Per the OLCC, applicants must follow these steps to obtain a liquor license.

STEP 1 - Complete the application packet and submit to OLCC
STEP 2 - Complete OLCC Law Orientation
STEP 3 - OLCC staff will review your completed application packet
STEP 4 - Take the license application form to your local government for their recommendation

OLCC will provide forms that are required for local government recommendation.
Your application forms and fees will be submitted to West Linn City Hall Finance Department.

You must obtain a receipt from the City of West Linn to verify that you submitted the forms. Send a copy of your receipt to your OLCC license investigator immediately. • The City of West Linn will perform their review, and contact you when a recommendation to OLCC has been made (see City of West Linn Ord. No. 1570 below).

STEP 5 - Complete the investigative process with OLCC You may obtain more information about the application process at or by contacting your local OLCC office.

*The OLCC application and  process overview flowchart, provided by OLCC, are located at the bottom of this page.

STEP 6 - The City of West Linn OLCC application processing fees are as follows:
• Renewal/Temporary: $35.00
• Change of ownership: $75.00
• New: $100.00
 * The City's step-by-step procedure check-off list (sample located below) helps ensure the most efficient customer service.