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Speeding Complaints

Speed Enforcement The West Linn Police Department works in partnership with Neighborhood Associations on speeding complaints. Here are some suggested steps to take to address speeding problem areas: Work with Neighborhood Associations to identify problem areas . Rank in order of seriousness with the neighbors . Recommend solutions: Use neighbors to spread the word . Educate neighbors regarding speeders and perception of speed     Available Resources: Sign out radar gun through Engineering-(for citizens). An effective tool helps show people the difference between how fast they think drivers are going, and the true speed. (Perception) . Speed trailer Deployed in 4-5 day blocks, and takes five days to fully charge the batteries. When identifying a placement location, remember it needs to be parked so it does not create another hazard, too close to an intersection, blocking a sidewalk or bike lane… . Phantom car (unoccupied patrol car). Good for limited duration, one day at a time . Speed surveys (Engineering). Many problem areas have been surveyed in the past so ask for the data . Extra patrols work as long as you spread the word about them . Selective Enforcement Details There may be overtime to resolve a problem, on days where we are above minimums an officer may be assigned to a problem area, in lieu of a district . Proactive publicity regarding the problem through the city web site and City Update . Signage may be permanent or temporary . Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) recommendations . Route through Traffic Safety Committee. The trend is away from speed bumps and toward other "calming measures" Contact the WLPD to learn how you can work with the Police and your Neighborhood Association to address speeding problems in your area. Telephone: 503-655-6214 Email: