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Home Occupation Application

You can securely register your home-based business online and pay via credit card, check, or cash. The business license form and home occupation form have been combined to simplify the process. You are no longer required to fill out two separate forms.

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Home Occupany License Details

Home office based businesses must submit a home occupancy license and comply with Chapter 37 of the Community Development Code:

1. The home occupation shall be a secondary use to the primary use of the house as a residence. The owner of the business, not an employee, must live in the house full time.

2. In no way shall the appearance of the residential structure or yard be altered, or the occupation within the residence be conducted in a manner which would cause the premises to differ from its residential character by the use of colors, materials, construction, lighting, show windows, signs, or advertising visible outside the premises to attract customers or clients, other than a sign as permitted per Section 37.020(A)(9).

3. There shall be no outdoor use or storage of material or mechanical equipment that is not part of the residential use.

4. An accessory building may be used for the home occupation so long as it meets the provisions of Chapter 34.

5. Any parking generated by patrons shall be accommodated on site.

6. Off-street parking areas with three or more spaces shall be screened by a fence constructed per Chapter 44 specifications, topography, vegetation, or a combination of these methods. Screening vegetation must be in place by the time the applicant submits a home occupation application, or be reasonably expected to provide effective screening within a year and a half of approval of said application.

7. No equipment or process shall be used in a home occupation, which creates noise, odor, smoke, fumes, fallout, vibration, heat, glare, or electrical interference detectable to the normal senses off the lot.

8. No more than three employees, other than residents, shall be engaged in service on the premises at any given time.

9. The use of signs shall be limited to one sign not greater than one foot by six inches in area and flush- mounted to the residential dwelling. In the event that the residential dwelling is set back more than 100 feet from the abutting public street, or otherwise obstructed from view due to topography or landscaping, the allowed sign may be located at the driveway access. Freestanding signs shall be mounted on a base equal to, or less than, the width of the sign. The freestanding sign and its base shall not exceed three feet in height. Approval standards of Section 52.200(A)(1) governing sign design apply. Signs advertising home occupations in the Historic District or in a designated Historic Landmark per CDC Chapter 26 shall be subject to the design standards of Section 58.090(C)(25)(b).

10. Vehicles associated with the home occupation shall not be left with engines idling, or loaded or unloaded between the hours of 6 p.m. to 7 a.m., Monday through Friday, or between the hours of 6 p.m. to 9 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Other noise-generating machinery associated with conducting a home occupation shall also follow these guidelines.

11. The owner of the business must reside in the primary structure on the premises.

12. Only one vehicle no larger than a ¾-ton truck may be used by the occupant, directly or indirectly, in connection with a home occupation. An off-street parking space shall be provided for this vehicle.

13. The use creates no more than five deliveries or customer trips (to and from) per day.