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Political Signs on Residential Properties

The City of West Linn regulates all temporary signs, such as political signs, on private and public property. You do not need to apply for a permit or pay a fee for political signs.  The City does not distinguish between political signs, “House for Sale” signs or garage sale signs. Temporary signs are all regulated equally.

How long can they be up for?
The maximum length of time is 60 days in a calendar year for all signs.
For example, you cannot have four signs up for 60 days, take them down, and have another five signs up for another 60 days. It's 60 days total.

Where can they go?
No temporary sign is allowed in the public right of way. Please visit our MapOptix page to verify where the right of way is located on the property you would like to place the sign on.
If you place a sign on private property you must have the property owners permission. The sign must be two feet back of the sidewalk or, in areas with no sidewalk, three feet from the edge of the street as long as it  is out of the right of way. Signs on corner lots cannot be in the clear vision area (see illustration below) so motorists views won’t be blocked. Signs can be freestanding or wall mounted.

How many signs can I have?
A private property owner is limited to five temporary signs, including political signs, in his/her yard at any time. The city does not regulate the content of the signs so if a property owner wants five signs all for one candidate or two political signs and three signs for a garage sale the city is not concerned. We are just limiting the number and size.

How big can they be?
The maximum total square footage of signage is 24 square feet. That’s the total square footage of all the signs. That means you can have five signs measuring under five square feet each or any permutation that adds up to 24 square feet. The maximum height of any sign is seven feet. Temporary signs cannot be illuminated.

Wall mounted signs?
Wall mounted temporary signs are permitted but are limited to only one. Wall mounted signs can have a maximum size of four square feet and can’t be over 12 feet high.

Removed signs
The Police Department’s Code Enforcement Officer will remove all signs that violate any aspect of these standards. You may pick these signs up at City Hall, 22500 Salamo Road. All temporary signs are to be removed by property owners at the conclusion of the 60 days.

Further questions?
Contact the City of West Linn Planning Department at 503-656-4211.
The sign chapter of the Community Development Code is Chapter 52.

Illustration of correct sign placement can be found in the supporting document below: