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Example of MapOptix Interface

The City of West Linn’s mapping system is called MapOptix. You can view more than 100 map layers along with 20 years of modern and historic aerial photography. We've significantly increased the map detail and more than doubled the number of maps layers available to the public. Click the Continue button below to load the City's MapOptix Program.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: The City’s GIS Program is currently supporting and recommending Internet Explorer version 11 with browser zoom set to 100%*. Other systems and browser types like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and older versions of Internet Explorer may run into difficulties. Since MapOptix does not use Flash or Silverlight, it will run on Apple products including iPads. We are not supporting Windows Tablets or Smart Phone environments at this time for the MapOptix program. What browser are you using? Find out here:

Please note that loading time will vary depending on your connection speed and the amount of data being requested.

After clicking the Continue button below,
please be patient and let the map completely load.
It may take 15-90 seconds for the map to load depending on your Internet speed.


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For Smartphones and Tablets use our new Mobile Map Apps by clicking here:

This mapping service is provided by the City of West Linn's Geographic Information System (GIS), Public Works Department, and West Linn's Information Services Department.

For help or questions regarding MapOptix, please contact our MapOptix Help Desk:

Download a Map Layer Listing Legend showing map symbology used in MapOptix:
 West Linn Map Legend (PDF)

Learn more about by MapOptix:

Learn more about West Linn's GIS:
About West Linn's GIS