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Public transit is a great way to get around at a fraction of the cost and without many of the hassles of driving alone. TriMet has developed a number of tools and informational materials that are designed to make your trip convenient and worry-free:

• Use TriMet’s Trip Planner at home or from your mobile device to plan your next trip.

• While waiting at your stop you can access real-time arrival information from your mobile phone by dialing (503) 238-RIDE (7433). Many stops have their Stop ID listed on the route identification sign, however, some do not. You can obtain your Stop ID by dialing (503) 238-RIDE (7433).

• Route maps and schedules list the route arrival times throughout the day. Because not all stops are included on the route schedule, you will have to approximate your arrival time based on the nearest listed stop.

Route Maps:

Route 35 Macadam/Greeley

Route 154 Willamette