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Public Works Permit


A Public Works Permit is required prior to performing work in any public right-of-way or easement areas, regardless of whether it is in a paved area or not.

If work is also planned on private property, a separate Building Permit must be obtained through the Building Department.


All inspections must be requested online through our Inspection Request Webform. Inspections must be requested by 7:00am on the day of inspection. Some inspections require 24-48 hour notice. After submitting the Inspection Request online the Engineering Division will be notified of your request. The voicemail inspection line is discontinued as of April 22, 2016.


West Linn Engineering Department
Info: (503)722-5500 or


• Please fill out and sign a Public Works Permit form. Forms may be found online at (at bottom of this page) or at the City Hall front counter. Forms and plans may be returned with payment to the front counter at City Hall, by fax (503)656-4106, or by email

For those submitting Public Works Permit forms via fax or email, a representative from the City of West Linn Finance Department will contact you via telephone to secure necessary payments or deposits.

• A detailed plan of the proposed work must be included as part of the permit submittals. Plans may be submitted on 8.5”x11” or 11”x17” paper. Plans are not required to be drawn to scale for most minor projects, but must include dimensions, pipe connections/types, depths, traffic control, erosion control, and any other information that is relevant to fully understand and document the scope of work. Please see “Sample Public Works Permit Site Plan” for more information.

• Contractors must be actively licensed with the Oregon Construction Contractors Board, provide up to date workers compensation and liability insurance of the amounts listed in the City’s Municipal Code, and hold a current City or Metro business license. Only individuals/companies holding a valid CCB license may work in the public right-of-way/easement.

• Permit fees are set by resolution of the City Council and are intended to cover the City’s cost in processing the permit. Cost for permits without a street cut is a $50 fee for administrative processing plus a $500 deposit. Funds are withheld from the $500 deposit to pay for time spent in plan review, inspection, and associated work; any remaining funds will be refunded automatically following a satisfactory final inspection. If City staff time exceeds deposit amount, additional funds will be required.

• If a street cut is requested, an additional $500 plus $50 per lineal foot of cut must be provided as a performance guarantee—these funds are fully refundable upon satisfactory completion of street patching. Complex or large projects may require larger deposits and performance bonds/securities.

• Driveway approaches are assessed a street cut deposit for the width of the approach due to typical damage caused to the street during removal of the existing approach/curb.


• Permits are not approved over the counter. While permits are often processed within 1-2 days, please allow 3-5 days for processing of standard permits. Processing time depends on staff workload and number of permits/projects ahead of yours. Complex permits may take longer.

• City Engineering Staff will review plans for general conformance to City codes, perform research, conduct site visits, and route plans through other departments for approval as needed depending on project scope.

• A conditions of approval page specific to the project will be created and attached as part of the permit. It is very important that those performing the work have read and are familiar with the conditions of approval. The conditions are intended to provide the applicant specific technical information in order to comply with City code and, therefore, for their project to go smoothly. Failure to adhere to all conditions of approval may result in failed inspections, additional cost for re-inspection, additional work, and fines.

• Approved permits will be returned to applicant via method chosen on application form. Email is best for quickest return, fax, mail, or will call may also be used.


• Work may not start until plans are reviewed and stamped approved by the City.

• Work in the right-of-way is governed mainly by the City’s Public Works Construction Standards. Contractors are responsible for knowing and understanding those sections of the code pertaining to the work they are performing. These standards can be found at .

• 24 hour notice is typically requested prior to starting work and for each inspection, but no later than 7:00am on the day of inspection. Please request inspections using our online Inspection Request Webform.

• Inspection frequency depends on the project and how well the contractor adheres to the plans, the permit conditions of approval, and the City’s Public Works Construction Standards, but the general rule is to not cover anything prior to getting an inspection.

• Do NOT backfill, pour concrete, or place asphalt prior to receiving an approved inspection.


• A final inspection must be requested. Following a satisfactory final inspection, a refund of any remaining deposit funds will automatically be credited to the payor. Please call (503)722-5501 to check on status of refunds, if needed.

• Guarantee funds will not be returned until all inspections have been completed and approved. If an inspection is neglected to be performed, guarantee monies will not be returned unless steps are taken to complete that inspection and subsequent ones. The City maintains the right to return no deposit or a partial deposit if corrections are not made to City Standards.

• All work in the right-of-way is required to be warrantied by the installer for an 18 month warranty period as specified in the City’s Public Works Construction Standards. Failure of work within this period will require removal and replacement of the defective item and a restart of the warranty period.