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Landslide Maps

Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI) has developed various landslide hazard maps covering West Linn include the Statewide Landslide Information Database for Oregon (SLIDO-2) and Landslide Susceptibility Mapping.

The SLIDO-2 can be accessed here: (West Linn's interactive mapping also includes this information)

Click here to view a video by DOGAMI Engineering Geologist Bill Burns presenting a project overview of Landslide Susceptibility Mapping and Risk Analysis for Clackamas County, Oregon

Newly released Open-File Report O-13-08, Landslide hazard and risk study of northwestern Clackamas County, is available on DOGAMI's website or use the "supporting documents" links at the bottom of this page to view PDF maps and report.

Previously released landslide maps of the Lake Oswego quadrangle (IMS-32) which covers the northwest portion of West Linn, Canby quadrangle (IMS-29) covering the southwest portion of West Linn, and Oregon City quadrangle (IMS-26/IMS-30) covering  the southeast corner of West Linn are available from DOGAMI. To view these images, click on the following links or use the "supporting documents" links at the bottom of this page to view PDF maps and report:

View the Interpretive Map Series 32, Landslide Maps (Lake Oswego Quadrangle), Northwest portion of West Linn: Hidden Springs, Marylhurst, Skyline Ridge, Robinwood, and Northwest Bolton

View the Interpretive Map Series 29, Landslide Maps (Canby Quadrangle), Southwest portion of West Linn: Willamette, Southern Hidden Springs, Rosemont Summit, Parker Crest, Savanna Oaks, Barrington Heights, West Sunset

View the Interpretive Map Series 26 and 30, Landslide Maps (Oregon City Quadrangle), Southeast portion of West Linn: Bolton and East Sunset