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2014 Public Works Project Map and Details

Various Public Works projects are in progress this summer. View a project listing and City-wide map showing locations for Streets, Water, Sanitary Sewer, and Stormwater projects throughout the City. Click here to view the City-wide map (PDF)

Project Specific Information Sheets are Available Here:

Public Improvement Projects

Private Development Projects


More Information:

View Future Street Improvement Information

Visit the Public Works Home Page


2014 Project Summary:

Slurry Sealing
Crack Sealing
Pavement Marking
Sidewalk Maintenance / Infill
Santa Anita  & Rosemont Signal
Medians/Islands Restoration

Bland Pump Station & Transmission Main
Rosemont Reservoir Safety Improvements
Bolton Reservoir Design
Water Main Replacements

Sewer Rehabilitation Project
Sewer Line Cleaning
Blankenship Drainage Improvements
Catch Basin Cleaning
TMDL Data Collection & Reporting

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