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Sign Application - Temporary

A Temporary Sign Permit allows businesses to install short-term, temporary signage on private property, in conjunction with special events, with appropriate regulations so that such signage will be compatible with surrounding businesses.

The City recognizes the need for signs as a means to attract customers and identify businesses within the community, and further recognizes that signing is an important design element of the physical environment. The City is committed to preserving and improving its appearance and is striving to provide an economically stable and visually attractive community through site planning, building design, landscaping and signing.

When properly designed, a sign can be pleasing and can harmonize with physical character of its environment. Poorly designed signs, however, detract from the city’s aesthetic value, can result in a reduction in property values and in some cases, can present a hazard to both pedestrians and motorists.

The City is committed to preserving its aesthetic value, assuring the health and safety of its residents, and to preserving and maintaining property values. To this end, the City of West Linn has adopted regulations governing the placement, number, size and design and maximum number of days of temporary signs in the City. The implementation of these regulations is ensured through the Temporary Sign Application process.

Any sign, banner, pennant, valance, or advertising display constructed of cloth, canvas, light fabric, cardboard, wallboard, or other light materials, with or without frames, intended to be displayed for a limited period of time requires a temporary sign permit.

The City of West Linn prohibits and collects unpermited and temporary signs placed  in the public right of way.

Unpermitted signs and signs placed in the public right of way are subject to removal and a $25.00 retrieval fee within 30 days of sign removal.  Contact the Planning Department to see if your sign was picked up by the City. Signs may be picked up at City, 22500 Salamo Road.