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Comprehensive Plan and Neighborhood Plans

Comprehensive city planning addresses a wide range of topics and issues related to the growth and development of a community. This plan includes background and analytic sections that support recommendations for, among other things, the future economic development, housing, recreation and open space, transportation, and land use in West Linn. The Plan is comprehensive in scope and its goals and policies are intended to be supportive of one another. West Linn’s Comprehensive Plan provides guidelines and standards for decision makers, including City employees and officials, citizens, developers, community groups, and other local, state, regional, and federal agencies.

The Comprehensive Plan provides the basis for other plans, ordinances and other implementing documents that set forth more detailed direction regarding specific activities and requirements. All City plans and implementing ordinances must be consistent with the Plan.

The Plan is organized around the Statewide Planning Goals and each chapter corresponds to a specific Statewide Goal. Some goals have been found to be not applicable to the City of West Linn and are not included in this plan. Specifically, there are no commercial farming or forestry operations within the City limits, making Statewide Goals 3 (Agricultural Resources) and 4 (Forestry Resources) inapplicable. Similarly, the City does not contain any Estuarine Resources; Coastal Shorelands, Beaches and Dunes or Ocean Resources and therefore, Goals 16, 17, 18 and 19 are not addressed in the Plan.