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Do I need a permit for my home-based business? If so, how do I get one?

Home-based businesses provide a means for convenient and auto-independent employment for residents of West Linn. Home occupation permits reviewed by the City’s Planning Department help to ensure that these activities are conducted in a manner that is complimentary to the principal residential use of the neighborhoods in which they occur.
A home occupation permit is required for any activity that is carried out for gain in a West Linn residence. Generally, home occupations may employ no more than three persons who are not residents of the dwelling; they must maintain their appearance as a residence; they are not permitted to store material or equipment that is not part of the residential use outdoors; and, they may not produce noise, odors, smoke, fumes, heat or electrical interference that is detectable off the premises.
Any occupation which involves the purchase and resale, production, packaging or handling of firearms, explosives, or any other dangerous weapons or hazardous materials is prohibited. Additionally, occupations involving the on-site sale or resale of automobiles, trucks, boats, trailers, or other motorized vehicles are also prohibited. A complete discussion of the home occupation regulations can be found in Chapter 37 of West Linn’s Community Development Code.
West Linn has made it easy for residents to securely register their home occupation online. If you do not already have a City of West Linn web account, you will need one to complete the online process at My West Linn on our home page. When the page opens, click create new account at the bottom of the page to move to the home occupation/business license application. Complete the application and upload any images or files that help describe your request. Once you’ve completed the form, click the add to cart button at the bottom of the page. Your home application/business application has been created; the total amount due is shown in the subtotal box at right. Click checkout if everything looks correct. After you click the checkout button you will be asked to enter your billing and payment information and to then review your information one last time before submitting your payment.