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Decision Making Roles

There are four decision making bodies related to land use decisions, each with its associated case types:

1. Planning Director

  • Minor partition (three or fewer lots)
  • Expansion of a non-conforming structure (single-family residential)
  • Design review, class I
  • Sign review
  • Lot line adjustment
  • Home occupations
  • Flood management areas*
  • Variance, class I
  • Willamette & Tualatin River protection permit
  • Water Resources Area permit

2. Historic Review Board

  • Historic district and Willamette commercial zone

3. Planning Commission

  • Zone change
  • Class I and II variances
  • Conditional use permit
  • Zone change and plan amendments
  • Expansion of a non-conforming structure (other than single-family residential)
  • Code amendments
  • Subdivision
  • Planned Unit Development (PUD)
  • Design review, class II
  • Greenway (Willamette and Tualatin)*
  • Wetland or natural drainageway*

4. City Council

  • Zone change and plan amendment
  • Code amendments
  • Appeal of Planning Director, Planning Commission and Historic Review Board decisions
  • Street vacations
  • Street name changes

* Federal and state review and/or notice is required.