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Measure 56 Notices

This page contains information about Measure 56 notices sent by the City for the PUD/Infill project (June 2014) and Water Resource Areas (December 2013).

Check out the CDC-10-02 project page.

Water Resource Areas

West Linn’s wetlands, streams and the vegetated areas beside them are protected as Water Resource Areas (WRA) by Chapter 32 of the Community Development Code (CDC).

Plan the Heart of West Linn

This project will create a viable master plan and implementation strategy for the Arch Bridge/Bolton Town Center that is at the Heart of West Linn.

Willamette Commercial Area Parking Management Plan

As part of an agreement with the Oregon Department of Transportation to evaluate the feasibility of a roundabout at the intersection of 10th Street and Willamette Falls Drive, the City, in parnership with the Historic Willamette Main Street Association is exploring the need for a parking management program in this area.  Our hope is that by taking a look at these issues now, we can get ahead of