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Sustainability Resources for West Linn Businesses

In Fall 2006, West Linn City Council adopted the Sustainable West Linn Strategic Plan and established a Sustainability Advisory Board in 2007 to oversee the plan’s implementation. Sustainable West Linn is about how we can thrive as socially vibrant, environmentally healthy and economically viable community in ways that protect our natural resources for future generations. It is a process that requires governments, residents, and businesses to rethink how we do things and take advantage of new findings and tools.

For businesses, the challenge of sustainability is finding ways to meet the “triple bottom line” of focusing on people, planet and profits by:

• pursuing society equality in the workplace and community involvement (people),
• revising business systems to reduce waste and curtail environmental harm (planet),
• accounting for the real economic impact of business resource use (profits).

Opportunity knocks even during today’s difficult economic climate. Businesses that incorporate sustainability principles into their practices can streamline operating costs, grow more efficiently, and position themselves to meet the needs of customers more favorably. Attached please find a resource document to help West Linn businesses grow greener.