Planning Commission/CCI Work session

Calendar Date:
Wednesday, April 20, 2011 - 6:45pm

1. Debriefing of recent cases (including immediate debriefing of the Call Center case) 2. Discuss and possibly refine Planning Commission procedures (including whether to allow public comments at work sessions, pre-meeting work sessions, start time for stand-alone work sessions, approval of minutes, when to televise meetings, and options for work sessions at regular meetings) 3. Discuss and refine Commission for Citizen Involvement (CCI) procedures (including how meetings are conducted, basic components of the agenda, opportunities for public comment, and whether and, if so, how to combine CCI meetings with Planning Commission meetings) 4. Adjourn NOTE: WORK SESSION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED Tentative Agenda for Next Planning Commission Meeting May 4 Update on PUD and Highway 43 projects