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Where do my taxes go?

Your property tax bill consists of ten various taxing agencies all with different permanent tax rates. These agencies include your local and community college schools, the County, the City, TVF&R, Port of Portland, Metro, and Vector Control. Oregon property tax rates are expressed in a rate per $1000 of Assessed Value and are grouped into three categories: (1) educational agencies, (2) general government agencies, and (3) bonded debt that is voter approved. For the current fiscal year, FY 2013-14, the total property tax rate for West Linn residents and businesses is $18.5815 of which $2.559 ($2.12 permanent rate per $1000 plus $0.4390 bonded debt rate) or 13% is allocated to the City of West Linn. Below is a one-page summary that you can download for more detailed information on all of the various agency's property tax rates.