Citizens' Budget Committee Meeting

Calendar Date:
Wednesday, May 19, 2010 - 6:00pm

1. Call to Order (6:00 p.m.) 2. Introductions 3. Election of Chair and Vice Chair 4. Approval of prior meeting minutes: April 27, 2009, May 6, 2009, and May 7, 2009 5. Public Comment 6. [Public Hearing] State Revenue Sharing a. Staff Presentation on Projections and Proposed Uses (Planning Dept on page 86 of budget) b. Public Testimony 7. Review of “Budget In Brief” including third quarter financial report results 8. Review of new GASB 54 pronouncement relating to fund structures 9. Review of “Issues and Options” papers a. Dog Licensing b. Business Licensing c. City Beautification d. Community Grant Recommendations 10. Questions and comments 11. Adjourn The Council Chambers is equipped with an induction loop and a limited number of neck loops for the hearing impaired. Please let the City know if you require any special assistance under the Americans with Disabilities Act, please call City Hall 48 hours prior to the meeting date, 503-657-0331.