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Questions About The New Police Station?

This page will frequently be updated with Q&A's to help answer many questions from the community.

Questions & Answers

Q: When will the RFP for Architect/Design Team be advertised?
A: The Project Manager expects to advertise the RFP early the first week in April. The RFP will be advertised in the Daily Journal of Commerce and West Linn Tidings.

Q: Will any portion of the $8.5M be paying off the Parker Road property?
A: No costs relating to Parker Road are being charged against the $8.5M bond measure.

Q: How much money is West Linn paying for the land to build our new police station?
And also will the City have to change the zoning of it?

A: The land costs closed escrow just at $1,453,257.The property has two zones. A portion is R10 and the currently vacant portion is MU. A police station is allowed as a conditional use in each zone. It is not necessary to change either zone.

Q: Will a signal be installed at the intersection of 8th St and 10th Ave?
A: All required signal and street improvements will be determined after the impact of the police facility is reviewed by a qualified traffic engineer. The ODOT has the authority to approve or deny a signal at that location due to its proximity to the highway interchange. 

Q: With increased traffic due to the new police station, will sidewalks be extended on 8th Ave to accommodate the residents?
A: Like any development proposed in the City, the planning and engineering staff has recommended a sidewalk across the street frontage. Their recommendation will be in the form of a staff report to the Planning Commission when we have a formal application. The Planning Commission will make the actual decision after review of the application and any testimony in support, or against, the proposal. We are more than 6 months from that date. Within the next few months we will discuss this, and other issues, with the affected Neighborhood Associations.

Q: What is the timeline for the project?
A: The facility will be completed in the Spring of 2014. A timeline is available here.

Q: If I have another question, who do I contact?
A: Questions can be submitted via Online Inquiry or contact the Project Manager.