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Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) documents are prepared to educate citizens about capital planning within the City’s financial forecast. Progressive organizations focus on capital planning because it allows for targeted, strategic financial decision-making that results in critical projects that leave a lasting impact on a community. West Linn has evolved over the past five years.

Adopted Budget Cover BN 2015 Adopted Budget

On April 22, 2013, the City Manager presented the Proposed Budget for the 2014-2015 biennium to the Citizens' Budget Committee who began their review meetings.  The committee approved the proposed budget with two changes at their May 6, 2013 budget meeting.

GFOA Financial Model

GFOA has developed a new financial management self-assessment tool, called the “FM Model”. It invites users to test their own financial management practices against public sector financial management best practices. FM Model contains over 50 “Good Practice Statements,” which are fundamental statements of how a government organization should operate its finances.

Moving? Starting Service?

First of all welcome to the beautiful City of West Linn.  One of the first basic areas that you are probably interest in, is how to set your new home up with the various type of utility services.  The City provides water, sanitary sewer, and surface water management services with a separate entities that provide for garbage, electric, natural gas, cable, and phone.

Members Citizens' Budget Committee

State law (ORS 294.336) mandates a budget committee for all Oregon local governments.

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