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City of West Linn Launches Online Building Permit Module

Free Accela Program From the State of Oregon Allows E-Permitting for West Linn Plumbing, Mechanical and Structural Permits WEST LINN – The City of West Linn is pleased to announce the successful launch of its new Accela building permitting program. Accela is a building permitting software program made available to select jurisdictions from the State of Oregon. West Linn building staff has participated in extensive training to ensure a smooth transition to the new permitting software that will allow e-permitting and a direct connection to the state’s online software system. The State of Oregon original e-permitting system only allowed for online application of mechanical and plumbing permits. With the Accela program, the City of West Linn has made all West Linn building permits available for sale online. The system is designed for local building departments, property owners and contractors who seek information about permitting and permits applications.  Applicants can request inspections and receive inspection results in real-time; by using the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) phone system; or in certain circumstances, directly by email. Applicants can attach digital construction plans for review through Accela. After completion of a permit application and payment, a contractor receives either an actual permit authorizing work to begin for projects that do not require plan review, or they receive a tracking number that they can use to access plan review results via the IVR system. The move to Accela is part of West Linn’s on-going effort to move toward a paperless office.  The Accela program also offers a mobile office component that enables building inspectors to receive inspection requests, view digital plans and record inspection results via laptop computers.  The applicant can track plan reviews, inspection results and receive notices via IVR or email.  “The launch of Accela is one more tool that the City of West Linn has implemented to provide easy, streamlined access to West Linn services,” said City Manager Chris Jordan. “We are pleased to offer this service, and look forward to its continued success,” said Jordan. The Accela program is located on the City of West Linn web site at ###