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City Requirements

It is the responsibility of West Linn Building Permit Holders to be aware of the following City requirements: 1. City ordinance requires that the appropriate street address be displayed at each construction site, in a conspicuous location. Please locate your site address while foundation work is being done (MC §8.295). 2. EROSION CONTROL: The applicant shall be responsible for installing Erosion Control measures (as per Clackamas County Department of Utilities Technical Guidance Handbook) and maintaining those measures until project has been finaled. (CDC Chapter 31) 3. Erosion control measures are to be installed, as per the approved plan, prior to beginning excavation. 4. Prior to footing/foundation inspection, erosion control measures are required to be installed, inspected and approved. (No building inspections will be done without the approval of erosion control) 5. Erosion control measures are required to be maintained at all times during construction. If re-inspections are required because non-maintenance, a re-inspection fee will be assessed. 6. Prior to final building inspection the erosion control final must be approved. If requesting both inspections the same day, the final erosion control inspection will take place in the morning and if it’s approved, the final building inspection will take place in the afternoon. 7. STOP WORK ORDERS WILL BE PLACED ON YOUR JOB IF IT IS FOUND TO BE THE SOURCE OF MUD OR DEBRIS BEING DEPOSITED UPON A CITY STREET. Failure to do so may result in the city doing the work and billing you at twice the actual cost. (MC §8.105.3-5) and red-tagging your job (MC §8.040.5). The applicant shall be responsible for cleaning all debris, dirt, and foreign materials derived from his/her development or project; except that if said debris, dirt, or foreign material is found by the City Manager to constitute an immediate traffic or safety hazard, it shall be immediately removed by the applicant (MC §8.105.2 ) 8. STOP WORK ORDERS WILL BE PLACED ON YOUR JOB, WITHOUT ADVANCE NOTICE, IF CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS RELATING TO YOUR SITE ARE LOCATED WITHIN THE PUBLIC RIGHT-OF-WAY. You are obligated to remove any deposited materials from your site from the area streets by 5 P.M. of each working day.(MC §8.040.5) 9. NOISE EXEMPTIONS: Sounds associated with construction can occur between the hours of: 7 A.M. TO 7 P.M. WEEKDAYS AND 9 AM TO 5 PM SATURDAYS. SUNDAYS and holidays (MC §5.487 - Chapter 5, Page 22, Exemption 2) Remember, you are responsible for all activity on your job site. Help reduce the role of government by maintaining regular supervision of your site INSPECTION REQUEST LINE 503-722-5509 ALL INSPECTIONS MUST BE CALLED IN BY 7AM FOR SAME DAY INSPECTIONS WHEN CALLING FOR INSPECTIONS PLEASE PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING: PERMIT #, SITE ADDRESS, TYPE OF INSPECTION & A PHONE NUMBER WHERE YOU CAN BE REACHED.