City Offers Free Online Device Registration, Targeted to West Linn High School Students

WEST LINN - The City of West Linn is pleased to offer free online device registration for West Linn residents.  This new service offered by the City is designed to help residents retrieve their lost or stolen items.  The online device registration service, or ODR, is currently being targeted to returning West Linn High School students who frequently misplace or lose their iPods, phones, laptops, bikes, or other devices.  This service is being offered free to residents by the West Linn Police Department, and the device database will be maintained by Officer Mike Francis, the West Linn High School Resource Officer. "Online device registration is a specialized technology service offered by the West Linn Police Department that enhances the livability of our community," said Police Chief Terry Timeus.  "Registering your device on the City web site is the best way to ensure that it can be returned to you if it is lost or stolen," said Timeus. The online database is private and secure, and submitted information will not be shared and will only be accessed by the West Linn Police Department if a device is reported as missing or stolen.  Residents are encouraged to click here to complete the online form for their devices in five categories: Bicycle Calculator Cell phone Laptop MP3 Player Officer Francis and Tyler Mowreader in the West Linn Information Systems Department created the online device registration concept and service.  High school students are encouraged to contact Officer Francis directly at if they have any questions about online device registration. ###