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Information for Jurors

You may call the Court at (503) 656-4263 to confirm whether or not the trial is still on the docket.

• Please note that we cannot excuse you on the day of the trial. Should you have an excuse or conflict, you will still need to appear and speak with the judge. Jury selection will usually last approximately one hour.

• If you are not selected for the jury panel, you will be free to leave. If you are selected, you can expect the trial to begin immediately. You may wish to bring some reading material and a sweater or jacket with you, as sometimes the heating/air system may not provide a comfortable temperature for all.

• If you have just received a jury subpoena and are unable to serve on jury duty, please call the court and explain the reason you are unable to attend.

• All jurors are required to serve for jury duty as scheduled. If you are over 70 years old, or have special circumstances that prevent you from being able to serve as a juror, please call the court.

• Only jurors who appeared at the Court are eligible to receive juror fees. If your trial date was canceled and you did not appear, you are not eligible to receive a juror fee.

• If you have been selected for jury duty and have general questions about serving as a juror, please call the Court at (503)656-4263.