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West Linn City Councilors

The West Linn City Council consists of the Mayor and four Councilors who act as the board of directors of the City of West Linn municipal corporation. The Council sets policies for the City Government; enacts ordinances; and hires, directs and evaluates the City Manager.

Council responsibilities include:

Develop and set overall policy for the City in response to citizen needs and desires, regional, state and federal laws, and available resources.

Review and adopt City goals and priorities.

Adopt and modify ordinances and resolutions as necessary to maintain and enhance West Linn’s quality of life, to ensure effective delivery of services, and to achieve City goals and priorities.

Direct the City Manager and evaluate his or her performance in managing the City in an as effective, efficient, fiscally prudent and fair manner as possible.

Assist in the development of and adopt a sound annual budget that will provide city services needed by the citizens of West Linn, in compliance with local, regional, state and federal law.

Act as Contract Review Board to ensure that City contracts and purchases are in compliance with Oregon competitive practices and purchasing requirements.

Hear and rule upon land use appeals.

Approve collective bargaining agreements.

Develop and pursue legislative priorities and initiatives at the regional, state and federal levels, including referral of ballot measures to West Linn voters as needed.

Decide upon annexation requests.

Represent the City collectively and individually as necessary.

Approve all intergovernmental agreements, memoranda of understanding, etc.

Approve land purchases.

Approve all bond measures and levy requests.

Act as principal authority for matters involving litigation.

Approve all vacations of public easements and rights-of-way.

Hold regular Council meetings.

Appoint citizens to City boards, commissions and committees.

Provide Council representation on the South Fork Water Board (Mayor and two Councilors) the Traffic Safety Committee (two Councilors) and the Budget Committee (Mayor and all Councilors).

Interact with neighboring cities, and county, regional and state government.

Perform ceremonial functions.

Respond to correspondence, requests and suggestions.