Share Your Feedback On Centennial Seal Update

On October 7, 2013, the City Council held a discussion on updating the City seal as the City Council’s contribution to the 2013 Centennial Celebration.  Staff commenced work on the project, and is pleased to share the close-to-final design for community comment and feedback.

The designer is a graduate student at Willamette University in the MBA program.  He agreed to work with Councilor Frank to update the existing seal:

Through an iterative process, incorporating vision and ideas from the City Council and residents to capture the beauty of West Linn in the seal, the color update version of the seal is introduced for community feedback.

Next Steps
• Community feedback is requested on this page through January 6, 2014.

• The seal will be refined, and will be formally adopted by ordinance at the January 27, 2014 meeting.

• The seal will be carved into wood for the dais; and made into pins to distribute to the community and at conferences.

• At the current time, the cost estimate for this project is $2,000.