City Council Meeting

Calendar Date:
Monday, July 14, 2014 - 6:30pm

Fair Court Proclamations; Grindstone Art Project Presentation; Government Finance Officers Association Award; June 2, June 16, and June 18, 2014, Draft Notes Approval; Termination Agreement and Quit Claim Deed; Contract Addenda for Santa Anita Intersection Design; Resolution 2014-07, Establishing Bylaws for the West Linn Committee for Citizen Involvement; Resolution 2014-08, 1430 Rosemont Road Annexation; 09, 23128 Bland Circle Annexation; Resolution 2014-10, 22850 and 22848 South Weatherhill Road Annexation; s Vineyard Plat as right of way; Agenda Bill 2014-07-14-05: Contract Award for the Bolton Reservoir Design Services