City Council Meeting

Calendar Date:
Monday, August 11, 2008 - 6:00pm

Consent Agenda a. Agenda Bill 08-08-20 Approval of the Council Meeting Minutes of July 21, 2008 b. Agenda Bill 08-08-21 Memorandum of Understanding With Stafford Hamlet c. Agenda Bill 08-08-22 Contract Award – Cedaroak Boat Ramp Hydrological Study d. Agenda Bill 08-08-23 Resolution Approving Compensation Levels for Management and Non-Represented Employees e. Agenda Bill 08-08-28 Resolution Disclaiming a Parcel of Land at the North End of 13th Street (South of I?205) for Public Street Purposes f. Agenda Bill 08-08-30 Resolution Designating specific financial accounts for the City of West Linn, repealing all previous resolutions, and designating authorized City officials of all such accounts g. Agenda Bill 08-08-31 Resolution supporting the Willamette Falls Television’s relocation to the Jackson campus of Oregon City High School h. Agenda Bill 08-08-29 Contract Award for slurry seals of West Linn roads Business Meeting a. Agenda Bill 08-08-24 Ordinance Amending Chapter 2 of the West Linn Municipal Code Establishing a Commission for Citizen Involvement b. Agenda Bill 08-08-27 Selection of Artist for Grindstones Project c. Agenda Bill 08-08-25 CDC Amendments to Chapter 27 and 28; Tualatin Willamette River Protection CDC-07-04/CDC-07-06 d. Agenda Bill 08-08-26 Wildlife Habitat Inventory