City Council Authorizes Acquisition of New Trail Access to Mary S. Young Park From Mapleton Drive

WEST LINN - At the Monday, February 4, 2013 meeting, the West Linn City Council unanimously authorized the property acquisition 3.06 acres located at 4600 Mapleton Drive.  This property will allow for new trail access to Mary S. Young Park from Mapleton Drive.  This is a foreclosure property offered to the City for purchase by Clackamas County.  The purchase price of $47,533 represents the back taxes owed on the property, plus administrative costs.   Parks & Recreation Director Ken Worcester advised the City Council that the price per acre for this Mapleton Drive property was a prudent financial decision.  Funds are budgeted and available from the Parks SDC fund.  The budgeted cost of open space in West Linn is $150,000 per acre; this property acquisition allows for West Linn to obtain open space for approximately $15,000 per acre.   There are limitations placed on the use of the property by Clackamas County as part of the sale agreement.  The property must be used for a public purpose, and cannot be resold for private development or "flipped."  The property could be used for HUD housing development.  City Manager Chris Jordan noted that the property and adjacent properties were approved for a seven-home subdivision in 2007, but those land use approvals have lapsed.  Adding trail access to Mary S. Young Park on this piece of property will require a separate land use process.  Worcester indicated that the trail construction costs should be minimal. ###