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Sunset Neighborhood Association Business Meeting Jan 26, 2010 7:00 P.M. West Linn City Hall AGENDA Please make sure to sign in on the meeting attendance sheet I. Call Meeting to Order A. Welcome/Introduction of Officers B. Minutes from Sep 15, 2009 meeting C. Treasurer’s Report D. Brief announcements, handout information II. Guest Presentations A. City Engineer- Fallsview Drive Proposed Safety Improvements B. Other? III. Old Business A. Clean up day September 26, 2009 B. Sunset School Status Update- School District Meeting on February 1, 2010 C. Sunset Neighborhood Plan Implementation Priorities- Work Plan Update ? Increasing Involvement by our neighbors ? Participating in evaluation of ability to retain an improved Sunset School ? Preserving our natural resources ? Preserving our historic resources ? Assessing safety needs ? Enhancing the Sunset neighborhood identity D. 2009 Goals Update ? Rezoning of properties at Sunset and Cornwall from general commercial to neighborhood commercial ? Work with City and Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) to determine how to best manage overall Sunset/Cornwall/Lancaster/Parker alignment IV. New Business A. TBD B. Other ****** Next meeting Tuesday, April 27th, 7:00 pm****** Questions and comments on agenda items are invited after each agenda item has been presented. Simply raise your hand, and pose your comment or question when called on. Note: In the interest of time, discussions will be limited to five minutes. Association info and meeting minutes, or for general City information, Visit President Troy Bowers 503-703-7303 Vice President John Sramek 503-320-2077 Secretary/Treas Doreen Vokes 503-650-2072