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Robinwood Neighborhood Association Thomas Boes, President Robert Bjere, Treasurer Jennifer Weltin, Vice President Andy Harris, Member at Large Anthony Bracco, Secretary contact: Robinwood DRAFT Neighborhood Association City of West Linn , Oregon, USA Neighborhood Association Meeting Monthly Agenda Tuesday, January 12, 2010 - Emmanuel Presbyterian Church 1. Call to Order (7:00 pm) 2. Approval of Previous Meeting’s Minutes: October and November 3. Treasurer’s Report (7:15 pm) 4. Guest Speaker: Representative from the West Linn Co-op Daycare (7:30 pm) 5. Announcements 6. City Council Review 7. Updates 8. RNA Tentative Committee Reports: Planning (Thomas B.) , Node (Kevin B.), Hwy 43 Task Force (Curt S.) , River (Marshal K.) , Parks (Don K.), Streets (Tony B.) (7:45 pm) 9. Old Business: Motion to approve formation of the following RNA Committees: Planning, River, Parks, Emergency Preparedness, 10. New Business 11. Meeting Adjourns GOALS: Emergency Preparedness Plan; The Node; Committees; Economic Development; Hwy 43 Task Force; Information, Communication & Dissemination; Contact List; Amity & Optimism; 2010 Picnic.