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Robinwood Neighborhood Association Thomas Boes, President Robert Bjere, Treasurer Jennifer Weltin, Vice President Andy Harris, Member at Large Anthony Bracco, Secretary contact: Robinwood Neighborhood Association City of West Linn , Oregon, USA Monthly Meeting Minutes December 08, 2009 - Emmanuel Presbyterian Church 23 in attendance 7:03 President Thomas called the meeting to order. He welcomed guests, Mayor Patty Galle, Councilor Scott Burgess, and the children’s Lego robotics team. Meeting minutes from Oct. were amended to remove line about the Lions, all were in favor, and then the minutes were unanimously approved. Meeting minutes for Nov. were unanimously approved without any change. Secretary Tony gave the treasure’s report for the month of November, the starting and ending balance were the same 1,983 dollars. President Thomas introduced Tim Manes whose local hobby group known as the “Lego Megos” who were presenting tonight as part of a national transportation themed contest. The members of this team who were present were introduced as; Ian Underwood, Neil Yotsuya, Jaiden Cirioli, Hunter Crawford, and Avery Feuerborn. Part of this competition involved them doing a public presentation on an issue of transportation concern that they felt was located in their area. They chose for their topic the subject of the recent bus route reduction and the creation of walking zones around the schools. Ian Underwood presented the data of their study, expressed their safety concerns, and suggested some of their solutions like, the creation of sidewalks and bike trails along the roads around the schools. Constructive input was provided during a question and answer period that followed. Key points included: a reminder that historically, the Robinwood neighborhood has been against the idea of improving and building sidewalks; the financing of major public works; a suggestion to consolidate bus stop pickup sites to the ends of the street and at corner intersections; and a suggestion to installed sidewalks without mailboxes. President Thomas then announced, that the winter weather routes were now posted on the city’s website, that a 3 million gallon sewage spill into the Willamette only affected the Gladstone and Milwaukie side, the city’s Chamber of Commerce has had a change in leadership from Peter Toll to Linda Neese, of the two city meetings that were held yesterday, the economic task force’s Draft Report was now available online, but the work session for the city council and neighborhoods was rescheduled. Mayor Galle and Councilor Burgess gave the City Council Review. Topics were; the new probable extensions for development and building permits each 1 year extension (2 total) would have to be applied for, the Suncrest PUD and the Youtube video by the developer and the controversy as to who now will have to maintain the open space (either the homeowners or the city), resolutions to bylaws how will they be rewritten and can a committee change them and who is to be on committee, applications available from the 12th to the 16th to be on advisory committees, applications for the Waste Water Advisory Committee were not available yet and will be fixed, the Sustainability meeting was cancelled and to be rescheduled. Questions directed to the Mayor and Councilor were from Lori, “What about the Arts Commission?”, answer “working on it”, and Vice Pres. Jennifer “How can a Realtor selling a property be listing it as a dividable lot even though it has been denied this twice?”, answer “stay vigilant and contact the realtor let them know they have overstepped on disclosure law, Robinwood Neighborhood Association Thomas Boes, President Robert Bjere, Treasurer Jennifer Weltin, Vice President Andy Harris, Member at Large Anthony Bracco, Secretary contact: Robinwood Neighborhood Association City of West Linn , Oregon, USA the city will disclose the history only if requested.” Updates, Trails master plan will have a Kiosk at parade the folllowing Saturday, and is also available at city’s web site, Sustainability Action Committee is also available on web site and Michael will add this to the kiosk. Esther was unable to locate anyone who would sponsor the training needed for the SERTS; several suggestions were made of whom to try contacting about sponsorship. A question arose as to what the goal or mission of our SERT will be. Do we want to be local or available to others? Need to compile research on who has special training and equipment such as “HAM radio operators, chainsaws and boats”. It was suggested possibly tagging this onto neighborhood announcements with coupons from sponsors and/or sewer bill, would provide neighborhood saturation. Lori also suggested neighborhood block watch programs similar to Portland’s and will research it, along with the “phone tree”. President Thomas mentioned the bus shelters were involved in a placement design with the planning director decision pending. Committee reports: Kevin on the NODE said the bylaws have been drawn up and by next year we could be moving forward with it. Mayor Gail asked about the Lions, which brought up a review of the situation. She suggested that we send the city a letter of intent so that the city has this knowledge. Randall made a motion that the RNA write a letter of support for the NODE committee, Lori seconded it, Esther stated that since this is a time sensitive issue it could be voted on this meeting, Michael amended it to invite the Lions club, city council, and any interested parties to be involved, a vote was taken and all were in favor. Mike Waters stated that this letter should include that the building should be shared for “Public purposes not private”. Kevin said that hard copies of the Hwy 43 task force were available for review. River committee added 2 new members Don K. and Neil Robbins. Parks Don Kingsborough said the city has given out the contract for the Trails Master Plan and it is now available for input at and Dec 11th is the websites interactive day. Bathrooms still for parks still on track but which park water feature to be located is still debatable, also a possible shade shelter for Midhill park. Michael LoGiudice suggested forming a Business Owner’s Committee. This is to be voted on next meeting. Parks… Andy needs volunteers to help remove invasive plants and locate parks boundaries. Streets… Michael announced the old RNA plan was available to work with and suggested other committees could also use it. Tony questioned the Mayor about replacing the faded “no parking at any time” signs in front of Starbucks on Hwy 43; she said to contact Gene Green. Leo asked about flashing yellow left turn light at the top of Cedaroak drive, apparently it is an ODOT decision not the city’s. No other new business. Meeting adjourned at 8:49