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Ordinance Creating the Sustainability Advisory Board

ORDINANCE NO. 1556 AN ORDINANCE AMENDING THE WEST LINN MUNICIPAL CODE TO ESTABLISH A SUSTAINABILITY ADVISORY BOARD WHEREAS, a goal of the West Linn City Council is to “protect and enhance the integrity, stability, and beauty of the natural environment”; and WHEREAS, the economic, social and environmental systems that make up our community should provide a healthy, productive, and meaningful life for all community residents, present and future; and WHEREAS, the City Council, by resolution created the West Linn Task Force on Sustainability, and subsequently adopted the Sustainable West Linn Strategic Plan and the recommendations of the Task Force; and WHEREAS, the City of West Linn has many sustainability goals it would like to implement; and WHEREAS, by the Governor of the State of Oregon’s Executive Order, Oregonians “shall develop and promote policies and procedures that will assist Oregon to meet a goal of sustainability within one generation”; NOW, THEREFORE, THE CITY OF WEST LINN ORDAINS AS FOLLOWS: Section One: The West Linn Municipal Code, Section 2.085, is amended as follows (all additions are in bold and underlined): 2.085 Boards, Committees and Commissions Q. SUSTAINABILITY ADVISORY BOARD (1) Sustainability Advisory Board Established There is established a West Linn Sustainability Advisory Board consisting of seven members. (2) Terms of Office The terms of office for the Sustainability Advisory Board shall be for a period of four years and shall be staggered so that the terms of not more than three members expire in any given year. (3) Purpose. The purpose of the Sustainability Advisory Board is to: (a) Advise regarding the implementation and subsequent reviews of the approved City of West Linn Sustainability Plan and its updates; (b) Stay current on sustainability and environmental issues, make recommendations, and assist the City in promoting sustainability and environmental improvement to the West Linn community, individuals, City Council, and staff; (c) Make recommendations to the City Council as requested by the City Council. PASSED AND APPROVED THIS 14th DAY OF JANUARY 2008.