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Willamette Neighborhood Association Pacific West Bank Date: 4/14/2010 Minutes Call to order at 7:07pm 1. Introductions: Neighbors present: Elizabeth Kieres, Buffalo Zobel, Elizabeth Rocchia, Ofc Brad Moyle, Ruth Offer, Julia Simpson, Gail Holmes, Jody Carson, Midge Pierce, Jim Pierce, Jerry Offer. Guests present: David Rittenhouse, Dennis Richey, Troy Bowers, Carl Cowan. 2. Minutes from: March 2010 accepted as written. 3. Treasurer’s Report: West Linn City balance-$1232.36, account activity-$111.95 debit for printer ink and paper at office depot on 3/22/10. WNA Balance-$1494.47 Guest Speakers Officer Brad Moyle, West Linn Police Department, Dennis Rchey, CAC chair for Public Safety Advisory Committee, Troy Bowers,President Sunset Neighborhood Association,Carl Cowan, Sunset NA resident. • Provided Neighborhood Watch Organizer's Guide for the WNA • Reviewed facts about the upcoming ballot measures in special election on May 18, 2010 including: general obligation bond to fund the construction of a new police station; sale of a portion of Sunset Park property to make way for a new Sunset School and annexation of land on Parker Road for the new Police Station location. The City web site provides information about the three ballot measures for your review and consideration. ,Twitter: #wlpolicestation , Phone: Bridget Saladino @ 503-723-2525. • Reviewed safety concerns, of current building, current needs of the WLPD, future needs of WLPD, decision making process for location, size, and design of future station. • Reviewed involement of the Sunset NA in the decision making process for planning new school and keeping it in the Sunset neighborhood vs moving to another location. • Discussion; long decision making process over several years, cost of station, design of station, cost to resident households and minimizing impacts of new school construction such as tree removal. • Carl Cowan shared opposing view of some Sunset residents who have emailed him with concerns about tree removal and sale of portion of Sunset Park for new school to be built. Old Business • Midge Pierce reported Stafford/Borland area has been added into the Metro Urban Reserve and could be brought into the UGB (Urban Growth Boundary) for development in the future (1-50 Years). She and David Rittenhouse, President of Savanah Oaks Neighborhood Association, reviewed maps developed by a West Linn consultant which predict negative traffic impacts for the entire area should Stafford/Borland be developed. Clackamas County has a hearing next week and Midge requested the WNA send a message to the County that they do not support adoption of Stafford/Borland into the UGB. Jody Carson provided an overview of current status of Metro's process for UGB designations; while Metro has made their decsion about Stafford/Borland urban reserve designation, the process is not complete and a final decsion would need to be made by the LCDC (Land Conservation and Development Commission). She explained language in the IGA (intergovernmental agreement) between the participating Counties (Clackamas and Washington)prevents development of unincorporated urban reserve areas. She commented that the surrounding cities (Tualatin, Lake Oswego and West Linn) have not expressed any desire to incorporate Stafford/Borland in the future and there are other areas in Washington County that are incorporated and ready for development that would serve the UGB expasion needs. There is a meeting at Clackamas County next week and Midge plans to attend and would like to bring support of WNA to ask the county to further protect the Borland Road area from being developed. Motion: Willamette Neighborhood Association urges Clackamas County to advocate for areas of West Linn, such as Willamette, that are or could be impacted by UGB expansion along Borland Road and refuse to include land into the UGB unless an agreement to provide governance and infrustructure is in place with the City of West Linn. Motion passed unanimously (10) with one abstain. Midge Pierce was unanimously voted to represent the WNA in this regard and for future meetings concerning the Borland Road area. • WNA sign purchase has been deferred. We are still waiting for the Main Street Program logo. Will review at the next meeting. • Historic District Chapter 25 revsions were reviewed and passed by the City Council with some changes during a council meeting on 3/22/2010. The changes included language about lot shape and side walks. The WNA would like the Council to reconsider original revsions that were approved by the planning commission. Motion: WNA moves that the City Council adopt CDC Chapter 25 changes as approved by the Planning Commission and forwarded to Council in January/February 2010. The suggested revisions should be forwarded to WL planning staff and HRAB for anticipated rewrite of the entire code. Motion passed unanimously (10) with one abstain. New Business • Nomination of WNA officers were opened: for President: Gail Holmes , nominated by Julia Simpson and Beth Kieres, nominated by Ruth Offer. Vice President: Buffalo Zobel, Treasurer: Elizabeth Rocchia, Secretary (part time): Stephanie Nicolletti. WNA will vote at the May meeting. • NHN (Neighbors Helping Neighbors) is a program to help neighbors having trouble with yard work, outside work. Starting in June this year, being coordinated by Bridget Sladino-City staff. Program geared to help seniors, disabled or ill residents having trouble with doing work around their yards. First date scheduled is June 5th from 9-12am. Individuals interested in Volunteering can contact their NA. Announcements • Ch 25 Historic Code second reading on April 26. WNA will present motion for the meeting. • Main Street meeting April 22, 7-9 pm at Willamette's new fire station, 1860 Willamette Falls Drive. • Flower bed clean up April 17th • Lockfest May 15th volunteers contact Michelle Eberle at • Public Saftey Advisory Board and League of West Linn Neighborhoods are sponsoring a seminar on Emergency Preparedness at City Hall on May 22nd. Respectfully Submitted, Elizabeth Kieres, acting Secretary