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Dear WNA Residents, I sincerely hope this message finds you all well and ready for spring. I know I am. The WNA officers and residents at the most recent meeting recommended sending out minutes and agendas each month to our resident email list in addition to posting it on the City website. This is an effort to provide you with better communication about meetings, announcements, events and agenda items specific to our neighborhood. The current officers of the Willamette Neighborhood Association (WNA): Beth Kieres, President Buffalo Zobel, Vice President Stephanie Nicoletti, Secretary (part-time) Elizabeth Rocchia, Treasurer WNA officers for 2010-2011 will be nominated in April and voting will take place at the May meeting. The neighborhood does need a part-time or full time secretary who would take notes during monthly meeting. WNA meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month at 7:00pm at the Pacific West Bank in the Willamette Marketplace. The next meeting date is April 14, 2010, all are welcome. The agenda is usually posted by the weekend prior to the meeting on the West Linn City website at and now will be sent out to you with minutes from the previous meeting each month. You may email the WNA with questions, comments or concerns at any time at: We are the largest neighborhood association in West Linn and the City holds many events during the year within our boundary- all of which need volunteers to help pull them together. There truly is something for everyone to enjoy here and we do need more volunteers. Please contact us if you have any time to help. Let us know what you are interested in doing. Some volunteer opportunities right now are: Willamette Falls Drive Flower Bed Clean Up 3rd Saturday of every month 9-11am from March until November. Contact City parks department to volunteer your group or as an individual. We have flower beds groups can "adopt".Email Tarra Wiencken at . Willamette Falls Lock Fest -5/15/2010. Volunteer coordinator is Michelle Eberle,, parking coordinator is Jody Carson at, more information at West Linn Food Pantry - food collection is on Thursday at the Willamette Methodist Church until 7pm. There are volunteer opportunities for students to help organize and store the food. And, as always, they will be happy to take food donations. -- Sincerely, Elizabeth Kieres, President Willamette Neighborhood Association WNA MEETING Pacific West Bank at Willamette Marketplace Wednesday,April 12,2010 7 PM Agenda 1. Call to order at Introductions: 2. Minutes from March 2010 3. Treasurer’s Report Guest Speakers Brad Moyle- Bond for new police station on the May ballot Q&A. 1. Primary site Parker Road land owned by the school district. City and school district are planning a "swap"; exchanging park land for the new school at Sunset in exchange for the new police station at Parker Road. 2. Type of building design and construction 3. Detailed presentation including information about bond price per household to be discussed at next meeting. Old Business WNA Neighborhood Watch Program- Brad Moyle update on how to organize WNA to purchase 6 signs to announce WNA meeting day, time and location, allowing up to $400 of city stipend money. Review where we are in process. Randy at Classic Signs says he'd happily do our A frames. He showed Elizabeth some options the best of which seems to be weather-proof plastic board...2 readable sides..and a metal stake to keep the A frame from blowing away. $35 to $40 each for 18"x24" and a little more for 24"x32". What Randy needs is some direction on colors, typeface and verbage. If these are to tie in with the Historic District signage, who ever is designing that should visit Randy. He said he'd make us a small banner for our Fair booth too. Boreland Road urban designation Historic District Ch 25 revisions update. New Business Nominations for WNA officers Parade Theme- Wild, Wild, West Linn-Alice Richmond Grand Marshal Announcements The Public Safety Advisory Board and the League of West Linn Neighborhoods have set Saturday, May 22nd for the Citywide Emergency Preparedness Event. More information coming on this event Flower bed cleanup-April 17th