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ccWillamette Neighborhood Association Pacific West Bank Date: 3/10/2010 Agenda Call to order at 7:05. 1. Introductions; Buffalo Zobel, Beth Kieres, Elizabeth Rocchia, Rae Henry, Ruth Offer, Jerry, Offer, Midge Pierce, Carol Yates, Julia Simpson, Officer Brad Moyle. Guests present: Roger Sheperd 2. Minutes from February were accepted as written. 3. Treasurer’s Report US Bank Balance $1764.47. Checks written-$270 yoga, $11 Ruth Offer for supplies. Pacific West Bank balance - 1357.57. Guest Speakers Roger Sheperd discussed up coming Lock Fest on May 15, 2010. Volunteer coordinator is Michelle Eberle,, parking coordinator is Jody Carson at, more information at New Business Brad Moyle discussed up coming bond for new police station which will be on the May ballot. He took questions from the group and discussed the following: 1. Primary site Parker Road land owned by the school district. City and school district are planning a "swap";exchanging park land for the new school at Sunset in exchange for the new police station at Parker Road. 2. Type of building design and construction 3. Detailed presentation including information about bond price per household to be discussed at next meeting. Carol Yates is serving on the TAB and came hb to the neighborhood meeting to discuss TriMet's dropping the 154 and increasing fares by 5 cents. The TAB is encouraging citizen input to save the 154 in Willamette and is asking the neighborhood for a resolution. There was discussion and Beth reported that she had gotten feedback from several neighbors that the ridership was down to about 15 people on the 154 and that empty buses go through Willamette. If 154 is to be saved it should be rerouted so that it connects commuters with the 35 on Route 43. There is more information posted on the city website as well as TriMet's website where residents can send in comments. Residents can also call and leave their comments on voice mail-503 962 5806. Carol will check on getting a representative from TriMet to come to WNA and discuss further. Carol also discussed interest in starting up a neighborhood watch in her area. Brad Moyle will obtain and information packet and communicate with the department so that a presentation could be set up in the future at a meeting. WNA members commented that a booth at Lock Fest for the police dept would help get the word out about the bond. Brad will take information back to the department. WNA members thought that the Neighborhood Watch program may be a good action in the Swift Shore area to help discourage illicit activity at Swift Shore Park. Beth will send a message to Vick Handi and other members of that area that attended last month's meeting. Julia Simpson voiced concern over the lack of signage for school zoning at the Three Rivers School on WFD. Officer Moyle will ask about the process but felt it was something that the school district is involved in. He will report the process back at a future meeting or will email Beth with information. Jerry Offer looked into a nationwide program Safe Routes to School which is under ODOT's jurisdiction. This is a program offering grants for infrastructure improvements to streets and sidewalks and should be looked into next year for our area sidewalk improvements. Beth Kieres wanted to improve communications to WNA residents. Ruth Offer suggested that since the meeting notes are no longer sent out but are posted some people have been lost in this effort. Also signs for the meetings would help publicize the meetings. Motion-WNA to purchase 6 signs to announce WNA meeting day, time and location, allowing up to $400 of city stipen money. Motion passed unanimously. Other actions to improve communications: Beth will send out a spring president letter and will begin emailing minutes and agendas the Friday before the monthly meeting (as well as posting them on the city website). Beth will also check with City on purchasing limits on the card for the stipen money. The WNA discussed at this point setting up an educational presentation on emergency preparedness. In light of increasing worldwide disaters, it would be good to have a plan in the neighborhood. Ruth reported that CERT Community Emergency Response Teams is an organization that does trainging. the website is Ruth will get more information on this and report back at the next meeting. Announcements 1) Ruth Offer announced that Willamette Main Street received a $600 grant from the West Linn Farmers Market for logo design. Ruth suggested that the WNA could continue to discuss signs at the April meeting and possibly incorporate the Main Street logo on them. 2) City Council is continuing Chapter 25 revisions for the historic district on March 22. 3) Midge Pierce announced that Stafford is designated Urban and Borland road is not specifically mentioned but is included in the designation. The neighborhood should still be voicing their opinion as the City will still be dealing with this issue and needs to be made aware that Borland Road needs to be included in the defense. 4) Parks department should be organizing the start up of flower bed clean ups in Willamette. The third Saturday in March should be the first date. Beth will check with the Parks Dept. opinion as the City will still be dealing with this issue and needs to be made aware that Borland Road needs to be included in the defense. 5) Nominations for WNA officers for 2010-2011 during April with voting scheduled for May meeting.