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WNA MEETING Pacific West Bank at Willamette Marketplace Wednesday,October 14,2009 7 PM Agenda 7:02 Called to order 1. Introductions. Beth Kieres, Jerry Offer, Carol Yates, Peter Spir, Dennis Wright, Midge Pierce, Stephanie Nicoletti, Buffalo Zobel, Elizabeth Rocchia, Gail Holmes, Peggy Jones, Ruth Offer, Danny Schreiber 2. Minutes-on line some people having difficulty signing in. 3. Treasurer’s Report $ 4,054.83 of which $1581 yoga, 1092.25 living history tour Separate account $1438 City yearly funds Expenses: Bike Rack $180 shared with Cayuse. To be installed. Living History Tour expenses still to come in 4. Guest Speakers Peter Spir- West Linn Planner re Historic District Code for Willamette Congratulations on new National Historic District Status. Original historic district code 1987 with 1990 changes recently there had been hope for a consultant to do a major update but not happening quickly. So some stop gap language change in regards to ADU and height, mass etc was proposed. Clackamas County Review Board, The West Linn Historic Resource Advisory Board, and a Committee from WNA have looked at the proposed language-making some suggestions Specific Issues: Concerns from infill development-changes include: Ht 28’ from 33’ ridge line to street alignment and scale to existing homes. Max square footage of ADU and maximum total coverage of lot. An ADU can be a benefit to landowner but too big especially 2 story in 5000 sq ft. lot can be detrimental to the neighborhood. Discussion: Concerns about the variance process in the past when it has been approved by the planning dept. Recommendations that if there were a historic resource person, historic preservation officer, or a historic review board as part of the historic code review process for new applications, then applicants and district would be better served to prevent negative outcomes from misuse of variance process. Plan: Peter will email to Ruth the final document this week. The committee will meet and get their comments back by to Peter by Wednesday. Goal is to present to City Council on November 4. Peter advised more code changes later with consultant are still planned. National Registry of Historic Properties District designation Issues Database being compiled by Ruth Offer.. The Historic resource Board requests copy of database. Communication needed with realtors and builders regarding Registry standards. Celebration of designation will take place in the future. Discussion Benefits and Restrictions SHPO website has full information. Thanks to Ian Johnson for all his help. There will be news releases and articles in tidings and Oregonian. It was suggested that each homeowner get a mailing with information and an announcement of the celebration. Joy Sears, State historic preservation resource officer, will be available for questions. Perhaps Rejuvenation or other business may help sponsor the celebration Dennis Wright, City Engineer- Willamette traffic issues Issue At the August WNA meeting potential traffic flow change for Willamette Park was presented. Currently: 1 way down 12th, 1 way now through park-exit one way out at Tualatin near the bridge. Changes: no right turn coming from Pete’s Mountain on Tualatin down 12th into park. Widen current exit from park onto Tualatin near the bridge and make it 2 way; both as entrance and exit to accommodate boat traffic coming from Pete’s Mountain. A median for pedestrian crosswalk at 13th, meeting up with the new pathway in the park Discussion Signage re traffic change will hopefully slow boats coming down from Pete’s Mt. . No speed bumps planned in the park. Stop sign at 12th & Tualatin or improved pedestrian crossing was discussed but there was a suggestion to encourage use of the east sidewalk up 12th instead. It was suggested that evaluate for a left lane into the park be considered in the future as needed. Plan Dennis Wright asked for support of WNA for traffic changes. Motion WNA supports traffic changes in and around the park as presented tonight. Passed unanimously. Thanks to the engineer dept for work on 12th. 5. Committee Reports Living History Tour recap- sold out all tours. 70 volunteers all ages. Guests’ response great, major wrote letter to paper. Need to get all expenses in. There may be some profit to use for next year’s - over street sign, publicity, costumes etc. Next year possible tie in to national registry. If costumes were borrowed, please return if anything was lent out and not returned let Beth or Danny know. Plan to start earlier next year Willamette Primary tree removal those trees in the back are now down Main Street update Willamette Main St on 20th October 0830 at this Bank there will be board level training. Contact Ruth Offer /come Community Service officer – Peggy Jones. Code compliance and animal control part of police dept. Sign code, traffic, and Safe Reunion program for elderly or those with dementia available on request, Neighbor watch and some code enforcement falls under this. In general a. compliance plan with time for implementation re issues is sought, Especial with foreclosures the responsible party needs to be determined. Steps outlined by committee. For the citizen the process is to contact Police department CSO. Questions were asked in regards to abandoned property what is City’s responsibility/process. Bank often rather than resident and certainly not the City is responsible. Frustration was expressed with lack of action. There is a lien process/ penalty for lack of action but the bureaucracy takes time. Problems with living history tour road closure. No police presence to assist with traffic control. Process for request for road closure will be looked into for next year. Meeting with Sam Fox may help. Dog control - identify owner, household 6. New Business National Registry of Historic Places- 9/24/09 official date Christmas Tree Sales- discussion of WNA involvement – last year first year #8 sold at Santa Parade done at the last minute. We have a line this year on live trees-$5.00 each. We need to go to the nursery and claim. Offer’s truck is available to transport but there is a need for muscle power. The trees can be donated back to City to plant in park, they pick up and give a receipt for donation. Interest in action? The ideology is good; Sustainability – plant trees vs cut them down but the group did not seem to be willing to put out the energy to organize and manage this. Publicity for buying live trees at other venues was discussed; i.e. Bolton walk and lights in Maddox Woods. Elizabeth will see if those events are planned this year. Is it possible to combine efforts with them or with Eagle Scouts selling trees on hwy 43? Contact Vicky Handy re Boy Scout troop. West Linn Food bank looking for volunteers Christmas food baskets. Needs donations; list of food available, food bank organizer, Shauna, or send email to Beth and we will send notice too. Gateway sign update-The City will be reinstating the old sign, maybe incorporating new logo. Julia and Beth will meet with City and Ken Worchester 7. Announcements: Planter cleanup 10/17 0900-1100 Historic Homes Energy Efficiency lecture 10/20 check city website Halloween in Willamette 10/31 from 4-6pm Scavenger Hunt Blankenship, Salamo and 10th intersection bricked area is an eye sore; who’s responsibility? Next meeting November 11, 2009