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Willamette Neighborhood Association Pacific West Bank August 12, 2009 Attendees: Beth Kieres, Buffalo Zobel, Jim Pierce, Midge Pierce, Franny Heald, Elizabeth Rocchia, Bill Houstom, Barbara Houston, Brent Houston, Stephan Muerer, Danny Schreiber, Stephanie Nicoletti, Charles Awalt, Jerry Offer Meeting was called to order at 1905 by Beth Kieres. Introductions followed. Minutes from previous meeting are posted on the City website Treasurer’s report: $2,020.33 including $577 recent yoga class deposit. Clarification is needed as to the balance of the WNA annual funds from the City. Elizabeth and Beth will find out how they can access information on that account from the City Guest Speaker Dennis Wright: Engineer City of west Linn spoke to concerns about traffic, specifically large vehicles with boat trailers, coming from Pete’s Mt and needing to make that steep, sharp left turn onto 12th to access the boat ramp. A proposal was made for returning 2-way traffic through the park and allowing a right turn into the park from the bridge. It was requested that no left turn be allowed into the park and no cross traffic from 15th be allowed. This could be accomplished by a curb or roll between the lanes. Concerns about safety for pedestrians in the park were raised. Speed bumps and a stop sign at the bottom of 12th were suggested. Dennis reported that following the recent traffic count, a traffic signal warrant analysis will be done for 12th and Willamette Falls Dr. Discussion followed regarding whether this implies that 8th Ave will be opened onto Dollar. Dennis assured the WNA that that will not be done without allowing public comment. Additional traffic related issues were brought up including noise from vehicles entering or exiting the Willamette Park, the need to highlight the curb on the sidewalk bump out in front of Willamette School, the good visibility of the crosswalk into Fields Bridge Park. Sam Foxworthy was thanked for the improvements done this year Danny Schreiber The 2nd Living History tour is being planned for Sept 19. There will be vignettes of real people from around 1908. Tickets are 4/$40. 15 for one. They are on sale at the market on Tuesday and online. Volunteers are needed for selling tickets and for publicity. Anyone willing to help can contact Danny or Beth by email or through the website. Midge Pearce agreed to work on publicity; writing something for the Tidings/ City WebPages and others as well as contacting Pastor Tom at the Methodist Church, Willamette School and local businesses. There will be a committee meeting in the near future. Fran Heald suggested we get information on the Living History Tour as well as our Walking tour brochures to the End of the Oregon Trail Welcome Center. Charles Awalt reported on the historic district/business overlay code revisions. There have been some changes made in the past, which need to be addressed as well as some requirements in relation to the National Register designation. He would like to see the context statement reinserted also. Charles identified the initial issues of concern as 1) building height 2) lot coverage 3) ancillary structures. The process is underway in the City to deal with the code as it applies to the historic part of the neighborhood. A motion was made and seconded The Willamette Neighborhood Association requests to be informed during the process of code revision for the Willamette historic district / Willamette business overlay zone prior to any final decisions being made. Motion passed unanimously. A copy of the code is available from the City. New Business Marge White submitted a letter requesting that the City designate her house at 1744 4th Ave an historic landmark. The letter was read. A motion was made and seconded that The Willamette Neighborhood Association support Marge’s request and asks the City to designate 1744 4th Ave as an historic landmark. Passed unanimously Halloween sponsorship. Beth recommended that we assist the local businesses that are planning a Halloween event since there is no longer a formal merchants association. After some discussion a motion was made and seconded. The WNA will support the local merchants with a one-time donation of $120 for the Halloween festivities. Motion passed with one opposing vote and one abstaining Bike Rack Sachi is purchasing a bike rack for the north side of Willamette Falls Drive and the City has approved an application for another on the south side on at 14th and WFDr. A motion was made and seconded. The WNA will donate $100 to purchase a bike rack for WFDr. Motion passed unanimously. . WNA bylaws. The City is supposed to have a template for neighborhood association bylaws that each neighborhood association then can adopt or modify. The City is not yet done this. Jim Pierce volunteers to chair the WNA committee looking at our bylaws when that becomes available. Stephanie Nicoletti would also like to be on the committee. A motion was made and seconded. The WNA requests that the City work on the neighborhood association bylaw template. Volunteers needed. Secretary when Stephanie is not available. Land use/ planning / preap representatives. Buffalo and Jerry have been through the training video. Midge and Bill Houston also volunteered to look into that. Announcements Planter Clean up August 15 AM Fall Clean up in Willamette tentatively scheduled for Saturday Sept 26 Ford’s Steak House in the Blankenship Rd shopping center will be opening with a liquor license WLCC voted to support the solar project The WFDr hotel project is being appealed at LUBA Meeting Adjourned Next Meeting September 9 7pm Submitted, Stephanie Nicoletti, acting as Secretary