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WNA MEETING Pacific West Bank at Willamette Marketplace Wednesday, June 10,2009 7 PM Agenda 1. Introductions 2. Minutes from 3. Treasurer’s Report Guest Speakers Amy or Cindy with WLWSD : Willamette Primary School Play ground Reports Jerry Offer: Hwy Solar Farm Project Carol Yates: Willamette Elementary tiles for the trees update. Buffalo Zobel: 8th Ave Update? Work Session: WNA officers voting: NA officer’s running slate; Beth Kieres, Chair Buffalo Zobel, Co-Chair Stephanie Nicoletti, Co-Secretary Co-Secretary, still taking recommendation Elizabeth Rocchia, Treasurer New Business: Beth- Free Fridays- idea for salvaging useable throw-a-ways. Beth- 6/20 NA meeting with Patti Galle WNA need representative to go. Ruth- Willamette Main Street