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WNA MEETING Pacific West Bank at Willamette Marketplace Wednesday, ,2009 7 PM Agenda 1. Introductions 2. Minutes from 3. Treasurer’s Report Guest Speakers Kirsten Wyatt: City Website, Communication Tools for NAs Work Session Beth Kieres: NA officer’s running slate; Beth Kieres, Chair Buffalo Zobel, Co-Chair Stephanie Nicoletti, Co-Secretary Co-Secretary, taking recommendation Carol Yates, Co-Secretary Elizabeth Rocchia, Treasurer Voting Committee Reports 8th Avenue Focus Group-Buffalo Zobel, presenting summary of meeting with City- minutes. Community Events Take Care of West Linn Days-May 16th –Willamette Park Centennial Path and Willamette Falls Drive Planter Clean up. Willamette Living History Tour- Danny Schrieber unavailable this month to discuss, he needs volunteers. Sign up available. Announcements: Next meeting June 10th Same time, same place.