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January 14, 2009: The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by president, Beth Kieres. After introductions, the minutes of the December 10 meeting were read, amended, and approved. Attendance: Beth Kieres, Elizabeth Rocchia, Buffalo Zoebel, Gwendolyn Rose, Jerry Offer, Carol Yates, Jim Milne, Rae Henry, Jeff Kraus, Cornelia Seigneur, Stephanie Nicoletti, Midge Pierce, and Linda Neace. Treasurer’s Report: Balance: $2682.35 in our account. No activity during December. WNA Presentations Parks & Recreation: Jerry Offer, Parks Board Member, provided an update on the status of the City’s consideration for acquiring the log cabin mentioned last month. He reported the City has decided not to acquire the cabin for multiple reasons. He also reported that the reconstruction of Field’s bridge is scheduled to begin in the spring. Next Park Board meeting scheduled January 22, 2009. Arbor Cove Subdivision: Jerry Offer of Otak Inc. was scheduled to report on a proposed modification to the Arbor Cove subdivision that would allow reconfiguring 12 existing lots into nine larger lots for the development of duplexes. This discussion was postponed as the developer has not had a chance to meet with the home owners association to discuss the plan. They will reschedule our discussion for next month. Guest Presentation: Cornelia Seigneur, author of Images of America: West Linn, talked about her book. A book release event is planned at the West Linn Public Library on January 26, 2009 at 6:00 pm. Musicians, Mark Hanson and Bill Hughes will be special guests performing for the event. The book will be available for sale locally at the event as well as the West Linn Senior Center, Market of Choice, and Dragonfly. For event details please visit the West Linn Library web site. National Historic Registry Advisory Board: Gail Holmes emailed the WNA on the status of the National Historic Registry application for Willamette: In October our consultants presented an application for a National Historic District in Willamette at the State Review Board meeting and we were asked to submit additional historic data to prove the industrial reference to the area. So, the city has hired a Grad student to do further research and that will be completed by the end of March. We are hoping to present our case to the State Review Board in June. Gail Holmes Chair of the WLHRAB Committee Reports Police Report: Officer Moyle reported on recent weather related issues in West Linn. He advised residents to keep a shovel in the car, obey road closure signs and avoid roads that are difficult to pass during ice and snow when ever possible. Many abandoned cars created difficulty for plows and trucks during the stormy weather. The perpetrators of the break-ins that occurred in the area last fall were apprehended after the police department was tipped off by an area resident observing a suspicious vehicle in the neighborhood. The department recovered thousands of dollars of stolen goods at the dwelling where the arrest was made. Officer Moyle extended a reminder that neighbors who are paying attention and reporting these activities are the best deterrent for crime. Finally, officer Moyle reported that many of the areas crosswalks are in need of paint and speed bubbles are to be added in the spring. Centennial Committee Report: Damage occurred to the Centennial Path during the snow and rain storms. Part of the path was washed away and will need repair. Beth will consult the City and James Manning for an update on when the repairs will occur. Community Events Neighborhood Resource Network: Gwendolyn Rose provides two web site addresses for resource assistance available to area residents in need: Monday through Friday 8:00 to 8:00 pm. Interpreters available. The helpline is also accessed by telephone by dialing “211”. Telephone: 1-800-SAFENET; 1-800 723-3638. WNA Activity: Beth Kieres reported on the outcome of the WNA/City of West Linn live Christmas tree sale. It was considered a success with 50% of the trees sold (8 out of 15 total trees) after only 1 week of planning and little publicity, the group all agreed this was a project worth planning for next year. It was felt that with more planning and publicity, the project would be more successful. Planning was proposed to start in the early fall with advertising and pre-sales starting in early November. It was also mentioned that various nurseries in WL could be involved to participate in advertising, sales, and possibly contributing trees. Take Care of West Linn Day Committee: In honor of Oregon’s 150th birthday, The City of West Linn sent out an announcement for a Take Care of West Linn Day to take place on May 16th. The group discussed options for WNA’s participation in this event. The WNA discussed the following possible events: Planter Clean up in the morning followed by completing the Centennial Path. The group speculated about a possible event in Willamette with period dressing to create a setting similar to the Centennial event. This item will remain on the agenda for upcoming meetings until a plan is formulated. Beth Kieres will contact James Manning to discuss the date and report back. Linda Neace of the Willamette Merchant Group announced she has begun looking into a program called “Main Street” to apply for funding of major improvement projects in Willamette (i.e. period street lighting, hanging flower planters and/or banners). She will continue to investigate this and report as news becomes available. She also reported that the Thai restaurant would be opening by the end of this month and the wine bar would be opening some time in February. The City is organizing a work session with neighborhood associations to present goals and accomplishments of the NAs. Stephanie Nicoletti, Vicki Handi, Buffalo Zoebel, and Midge Pierce offered to work on updating the WNA vision statement (2003) for presentation at the work session. Holiday Inn Express: The applicants returned to the PC on January 7, 2009. They presented a revised design plan along with detailed rationale for the variances they have requested. There were two resident testimonies; one in favor and one against the application with a request to continue the process in order for more residents to provide feedback. Written testimony regarding the hotel would be accepted until today’s date (1/14/09). Beth Kieres had attended the PC meeting on 1/7 and summarized the events of the meeting along with Buffalo Zoebel tonight. A copy of the report submitted by the applicant was circulated tonight and members proceeded to discuss it. A motion was made and seconded, to vote in favor of the project, the association voted unanimously in favor of the hotel project. Meeting adjourned: 9:00 p.m. January 14, 2009 Next Meeting: February 11, 2009, 7pm, at Pacific West Bank in Willamette Marketplace. Respectfully submitted, Gwendolyn Rose, Beth Kieres and Elizabeth Rocchia Willamette Neighborhood Association