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Willamette Neighborhood Association Minutes - June 11, 2008 The meeting was called to order by chair Ruth Offer at 7:10 pm. After introductions, the minutes of the May meeting were approved as read. Treasurers report: The remaining $534 dollars of the WNA city stipend for fiscal year 2007-2008 will be used to purchase paver bricks for the Willamette Falls Drive parking strip gardens as discussed and approved at the May meeting. No further Treasurers report. Election of Officers: an incomplete slate of officers was offered and accepted unanimously. Beth Kieres, president; Elizabeth Rocchia, treasurer. Nomination for secretary and vice president will be entertained at future meetings. Leadership exchanged, meeting continued, chaired by new president, Beth Kieres. Centennial report: Street banner being prepared for events to be up in July. July 12th 4pm start -Street Dance with food court Two bands, Johnny English and the Boomers July 13th 2pm Old fashioned baseball game Volunteers needed to help with events! Photos needed: Local author Cornelia Seigienir is collecting photos from the 1800’s to 1960’s for a pictorial history book for a national publisher. Contact her at National Register Historic District task force: Ruth Offer states boundaries being set for district, door-to-door campaign to begin providing information to property owners of the perks of having a home in a historic district. Proposed development off Volp Street: asking for subdivision, all home within 300 feet noticed- main concern of group is preservation of wetlands. Planter clean-up: June 21st 9-11am, city will notify volunteers by email. Signage for Willamette Falls Businesses: Business representative Sarah Colarchik, states the signboards are needed to bring customers in to businesses.Current cost for city permit is $50 for 60 days = $300 cost per year. Owners asking for support of an amendment to the city code related to these free standing signs. Suggested that signs be pulled back closer to the buildings. Suggested that overhead signage would preserfe the “old-style” look. Current situation is an abuse of the sign code. Sugggested continue the temporary solution and allow the sandwich boards but retrict to only business hours. Suggest a task force of business and WNA get together to solve the signage problem similar to task force for the 10th Street traffic issues because the issues are too many for simple solution. Goal, compromise that can be changed in the code. Community Concerns to express to WL Planning: Willamette Falls Drive foot traffic to Fields Bridge Park, need for crosswalk at eastern edge of the park. Concern about slow down at construction sites due to economy and impact of empty lots and erosion, Arbor Cove as example. Replacement of Tualatin River bridge, timeframe and impact on transportation and the Dollar Street outlet to Willamette Falls Drive with the construction slow down for the Renaissance development on Dollar street property. Concerns for the Parks department: Halt in construction of the stone work along the trails in Fields Bridge Park Buffalo Zobel will contact Ken Worchester for information. No further discussion, meeting adjourned. Next meeting July 9, 2008, 7pm, at the Willamette United Methodist Church at 14th and Willamette Falls Dr. Respectfully submitted, Rae Henry and Ruth Offer Secretarys of the June meeting