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May 14, 2008 7 PM Willamette Primary School 1403 12th Street Agenda Introductions April 2008 Minutes Treasurers Report Updates as available: a)Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue b)Community Policing / Police Advisory Committee Report 2008-2009 Elections Nominees: Beth Kieres, president; Elizabeth Rocchia, Treasurer. Soliciation of nominations for vice-president and secretary. New Business 1. Alpha Community Development: Annexation at 1270 Rosemont Rd 2. West Linn Merchant's Association: Discussion of A frame signage Ongoing Business 1. 2008 Centennial Celebration committee report 2. Historic District Task Force: Update of National Historic Register application 3. Pre applications a. May 15th - 1889 Willamette Falls Dr., Steve Tekander 4. Planning Commission Hearings a. 6-Lot PUD, Subdivision: 2590 Debok Road 5. Planter Clean up this Saturday, May 17 from 9-11 am 6. Announcements Next Meeting: June 11, 2008 at Willamette Primary School, 7pm. * Please mark your calendars!