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Willamette Neighborhood Association February 14, 2007 7 PM Willamette Primary School 1403 12th Street Agenda Introductions January 10, 2007 Minutes Treasurers Report Police and Fire Updates a) Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue Update b) Community Policing updates/ Police Advisory Committee Report New Business 1. Fundraiser for park in Tanner Basin Neighborhood Association 2. Proposed residential subdivision; 1555 6th Street Old Business 1) Planning Commission or City Council Development Decisions 2) 2008 Centennial Celebration 3) Report on pre-application meetings 4) 10th Street Transportation Planning Committee: Update 5) Historic District Task Force 6) Sustainability for February 7) Willamette Falls Drive planters – Discussion of responsibility and availability, WNA vs City 8) Announcements and other issues as needed Next Meeting: March 14, 2007